If you’ve visited the studio before, it’s more than likely that you’ve met my two-year old daughter “Amelia.” This adorable blond cherub can often be seen running around the studio or sitting with Brian at the check-in desk.

And while you may know her as Amelia, this was not her birth name. Yesterday, we celebrated her 1,000th day with us as her foster family. 

I know this isn’t our typical post (no promotion or reminder for photo sessions today!), but I wanted to take a moment to celebrate all our families — families that take shape in whatever form they come.

I am lucky to have a family that includes Amelia, my husband Pete, my older daughter Asher and my extended nuclear family. And I am also lucky for the clients who have come through our studio doors throughout the years.

As a family business on the Upper West Side, I consider you all a part of my family as well. Year after year, I have been able to capture the growth of your families on camera and it is incredibly fulfilling to be a part of those moments.

For Amelia, this is the best example I can give to her of what family is. It is a constant revolving door, one which still includes ACS, her foster agency, and a ton of professionals who are still part of her life. It even includes the birth mother that Amelia does not know at all.

Minus the 3 months alone Amelia spent in the NICU, these 1,000 days are her forever, and this is the family she knows. My family is dreaming of the day that we will officially adopt Amelia. We are hopeful this will be the year it happens.

My experience with the foster system has not been easy, but it has been life changing. I know that many of you, my Big Apple Portraits family, may be going through or considering a similar option. I am always here to help and share my story.

As a certain mischievous Disney character once said, “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.”


*I would love to show you more pictures of her that we have taken over the last 1,000 days. When we officially adopt her, I will certainly share a gallery.

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