Putting together sets for the holidays is a lot like decorating your house for the season.  It takes awhile to decide where everything goes and pulling together those older well loved pieces with new finds from the store.  It takes us just as long and we create up to 4 new sets every year!  Well, we have finally gotten all of our NEW sets put together for this year!  We are so excited to show you what we have to offer.

Found a set you love? Be sure to let us know before your session and we will be sure to include it.  Keep in mind we will adjust sets for children of all ages.

Wooden Wonderland
Trees & Holly
Gold Stars
Lace Tent
Brown Trees

We have aslo updated some of our old sets like the Faux Bed (with some new pillows and blankets) and the Winter Sleds (with a new sled, some skis and ice skates).  Our classic sets are still available too, like the sofa, the snowflakes, and of course the ever popular white.  We have added some new backdrop colors too for this holiday season like grey and suede.

We love to see our sets with kids in them and have a full list of what to wear to really bring them to life.


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