In this digital age, it’s so rare to come by actual photos anymore. Everyone has thousands of photos stored on your computer, your phone, your USB. Sure, you share your photos online to your Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. What happens years from now, when your kids have grown and are looking to have old photos for their wedding or graduation? Do you hand them the USB drive or computer? What if those things have become obsolete?

This is something that we have been discussing in the studio a lot. While we appreciate the rate of change for technology and how it changes how we view everything, there is something to be said about holding things, touching things, smelling things. Things that you hold or touch immediately become more personal to you. This is why a salesperson, will try as often as possible to put the item you are interested in, in your hands. Your brain has registered, not only viewing it, but touching and holding it and creating an attachment to the item. This same idea happens when you have physical copies of your photos.

My mom recently moved to a new house. During one of my recent visits, I helped her go through the last few boxes she had sitting in her basement. We found 3 or 4 shoe boxes filled with photos. I spent hours going through them. There were generations of photos in the boxes. I love re-living the memory of those photos or guessing who’s who in the really old photos. It’s something for me that I truly cherish, having a mountain of physical photos to go through. I’m sure it’s something many of you have done with your parents or grandparents at some point as well.


Like the rest of you, I have hundreds and thousands of photos stored online or on CD’s. Something that I started doing was creating Christmas cards for my family that always includes photos of my boyfriend and our fur babies. This way my family gets a new picture of me and my family every year. They will have something to look back on with their kids and kids’ kids. My family loves them! Especially since they don’t get to see us very often. The truth is family and friends love walking past pictures of us sent year after year.


So this year, Kim and I are encouraging everyone to create photo holiday cards, no matter what holiday you celebrate. While the sentiment of sending a regular holiday card is nice, people will actually hang on to a photo card for years and years.

We can help you with the card making process. Check out our card designs here or here.

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