Father’s Day is almost here and we get the biggest kick out of watching kids dress up in Dad’s clothes. Normally when it comes to dress up, it’s limited to playtime in school. But when Father’s Day rolls around, it’s the perfect time to bring playtime to the studio for some heartfelt and very funny photos.

Here are 5 reasons to let your kids dress up as Dad for Father’s Day:

1. Dress up is fun at any age-but most especially when it’s your kids who are donning your very adult clothes. If Dad wears a fedora, so should junior. Or better yet, those drop waist jeans he only wears on weekends. Raid the wardrobe and dress up the kids in dad’s clothes!

2. Dad’s a super fan. Fathers loooove passing their fan loyalty to their children and there is nothing more heartwarming or fun as seeing your child rooting for their favorite team.

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3. Take the seriousness out of his daily suit and tie and add a little bit of kid cuteness with a tie as a makeshift head band, a dress shirt as a blanket (or very large shirt or dress), or pants that can act as very big overalls.

4. Let your kids copy their own personal superhero. While Captain America, Spiderman or Batman may get all the glory and action figures, it’s dad who’s the every-day-hero.

5. You will get the biggest laughs for yourself and your kids because there is nothing funnier than seeing them put on clothes that are far too big for them. And if they do some minor impersonations of dad’s habits … well, that’s just too funny, isn’t it?

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If you’re interested in booking a Dress Up in Dad’s Duds session, click on the button below to get your photos before June 21st is here!

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