Graduation is such a huge achievement at any age.  Here’s our top 5 reasons to get professional photos to make the occasion.

  1.  Cap and Gown photos can be captured for any age whether graduating from preschool, kindergarten, high school, college, law school, veterinary school and on and on and on.  Whether you are a lifetime student or 5 year old kid each time is special – you worked for it!

  2.  It’s a great time to take photos with family, especially those you don’t get to see very often.  They all want to be part of your day too.  Mom, Dad, and Grandparents also love to have photos  for the wall or their wallet.

  3.  Take pictures with your friends.  We know selfies with the whole group are fun but often you can’t see everyone.  Let us capture awesome photos of everyone together one last time.

  4.  Not planning on goinging back to school next year? Then update your headshot cause the job hunt is in your future.  Or maybe you will be on the academic talk circuit and we all know most of those brochure headshots are awful.  Already got the job?  Have a headshot ready to put on the company website. We want to take professional photos of you without your cap and gown too.  Make an impression on that resume with a stand out headshot. 

     For Kids: Update your child’s yearly photo.  We know photo day pictures don’t always turn out the way you planned.  Here we spend time in each session, getting not only the cap & gown photos but some great candid portraits of them too.  We also have more time in the studio to ensure we got the perfect shot.

  5. Toss your hat in the air!  You graduated!  Throwing your cap in the air is a time honored tradition and we have so much fun capturing it for you.


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