It’s time for the holidays again and you’ve set up your holiday sessions to take photos. But there’s one thing question you need help with—what to wear for holiday photos?

While we love adorable holiday dresses and cute suits, we have so much fun with other clothing options that makes for the best holiday photos or holiday cards. We’ve listed below our favorite things to wear for holiday sessions:

what to wear for holiday photos


1. Pajamas

This is the option we really love and one that elicits the “awwws” from everyone. We’re particularly fond of the union jack (a pajama with the butt flap) for the kids.  If you’re looking for pajamas for the whole family, we’re fans of Hanna Andersson. They’re simple, the patterns aren’t crazy, and they’re fun!

2. Sweaters

Turtlenecks, v-necks, cashmere, or wool—sweaters are a wardrobe essential for any type of family photoshoot. But we love it for the holiday season because they portray a warm and informal setting that’s inviting. Don’t get too crazy on patterns as it might be a tad overwhelming… but if you’re going for the ugly sweater look for humor, go ahead!

what to wear for holiday photos


3. Hats, Scarves, & Mittens

For a touch of whimsy and just plain adorableness, we like to use hats, scarves, or mittens for the kids. It’s especially cute when the kids are bundled in their pajamas or sweaters. It’s a cozy look and it’s a perfect look for the holiday season. The great option about this is we have a stash of scarves and hats at our studio if you don’t want to buy additional clothes.

what to wear for holiday photos

4. Plaid

Ah, plaid. Is there any other print that is as widely used during the holidays? But there’s a good reason for it! It photographs well, the pattern isn’t too bold or crazy, and there are many variations you can choose from (though everyone mainly uses red plaid for holiday photos). You can also dress it up if you want to add a touch of glam to your photos.

5. Coordinated Outfits

We always recommend families or groups to coordinate outfits rather than match—the only exception being pajamas—to avoid looking cheesy (ending up on Awkward Family Photos). Instead, plan outfits that are centered around a color palette that’s complimentary to one another so everyone still looks like a cohesive group but everyone can have their personality shine through.


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