NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies

Spring is a hop away and you know what that means—Chicks & Bunnies Sessions! But there’s one thing you might be asking: what outfits should my kids wear?

While you can’t go wrong with typical spring wear, we’ve listed below our recommendations of what we love for our Chicks & Bunnies session.

For Babies:

Onesies. Specifically, a white onesie. This simple outfit is great because one, it’s a wardrobe staple that every parent has, and two, it photographs really well (especially against bright colored backgrounds). A white onesie is also easy to accessorize. We have a cotton bunny tail and rabbit ear headbands that we like to use for spring and it’s adorable for photos.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies

For Girls:

Pastel & Floral Dresses. If you’ve been eyeing one of those full-skirted, pouffy dresses for your daughter, this occasion would be the perfect time to get it. For patterns, we’d recommend floral dresses as it’s fitting for springtime and for solid-colored dresses, think in soft hues or jeweled tones like this or this.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies Sessions



Rompers or Overalls. Now that denim overalls are back in style, we’ve seen a lot of them in stores this season! Overalls are especially cute with our tractor prop set. We’d recommend wearing a white tank underneath or a printed shirt with that’s either plaid or gingham. If you’re not into the idea of overalls, rompers (like this) are also great for photos.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies

Hats or Bows. An outfit isn’t truly complete without accessories, no?  A hat—such as floppy ones with bows or flowers— adds a touch of springtime flair. For bows, you can add it to tie the end of a braid or ponytail, or find a bow headband for an extra touch of fun.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies

For Boys:

Bowties, Vests, or Suits. For the boys, we see quite a lot who come in vests, bowties, or suits, and they all photograph really well. There’s something about having your little guy dress up like a miniature adult that’s too adorable for words. If you use a suit, however, we’d recommend bringing along shoes and make sure the suit is not loose fitting.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies

Overalls or Suspenders. Just like the girls, denim overalls photograph really great with our tractor prop set. You can wear a white shirt underneath (or none at all either!) or one that’s plaid.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies

Fedora Hats or Pageboy Caps. For spring, we’d recommend fedora hats that have a ribbon around the brim. You can also bring a plain one but we noticed that with the ribbon, it looks better in photos. Pageboy caps are also cute, especially if you have your little guy in suspenders and jeans.

NYC Photographer Baby Chicks & Bunnies


For All Ages:

Pastels. Finally, we absolutely LOVE kids in pastel colors.  It has a very Spring feel to it and photographs extremely well.

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