The Dog Days of Summer from Big Apple Portraits on Vimeo.

When it comes to our clientele, most of them walk on two legs, but every once in a while—ones who are four-legged, furry and have a tail—come walking through the door.

While I’m more of a cat person (Oh the shame! But not really), our pet policy at Big Apple Portraits is open to just about all kind of pets. I do however, draw the line if it’s an elephant, a giraffe, or any animal that requires a forklift. Our security deposit for the studio would never be returned!

All kidding aside, pet photos are amazingly fun to have. As we can all attest to the popularity of animal photos and videos, they’re just adorable to look at. They’re also a big part of our families and it only makes sense to include them in family portraits.

I’ve selected a few photos that you can see below that I enjoyed having the chance to either shoot or view.



If you are interested in having your pets portrait taken, book a session here.

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