It’s a bird! It’s a plane! 

It’s Superhero Sessions at Big Apple Portraits.  That’s right they have returned this year for some superhero fun for kids and adults alike!

The biggest reason we do these sessions in October is because they fall around the same time that New York Comic Con is happening.  It also happens to be the month that everyone dusts off their costumes for Halloween.  Our super hero sessions are different from anything else we do in the studio and are designed to really let everyone act out their fantasy of being a hero (or villain if you will)

Come embrace your inner superhero at our  Superhero Sessions at Big Apple Portraits Studio from October 1st thru the 16th. We’ll teach you to fly, light up your light saber and really use those superpowers.

If you’re an adult and you’re a huge fan of Batman, Incredible Hulk, the X-Men or whichever comic superhero or super villain you like, here’s your chance to capture all that glory on camera. The event of New York Comic Con and Halloween attests to how we’re all kids at heart. Don’t waste all that hard work on your cosplay costume.

As for the kids … let’s face it, not much goes together better than kids and superheroes. Taking photos of kids in costume, dressed up as their favorite Superhero/Super heroine (or villain/villainess), is an absolute blast. Not only do they have fun, but we have fun trying to come up with poses and scenarios that only see the day of light when you get to pretend to be something you’re not. And with Halloween right around the corner and Comic Con even closer to being here, what better time to let kids or adults be their heroes, even just for a moment?

This year as an added bonus you can get a giant poster the wall that truly captures being a Superhero.  Check out some of our samples above! Or you can just add comic book graphics to any image.


Want to strap on that cape? Reserve your Superhero Session now, use booking code HERO.

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