1. What should my family wear? The most important thing is to look like you. If you are a casual family, dad prefers a baseball cap to a tie, then dress casual. For the more fancy family, go all out with matching outfits. The trick is to not be too matchy matchy. And most of all BE COMFORTABLE. You want big bright smiles for the camera, not the irritated face that happens when clothes are itchy. We recommend typing “what to wear for family pictures” in pinterest and you will find great ideas for coordinated (but not overly matched) outfit ideas.

2. Babies under 1 should be ready to get naked! OK, not fully naked but there is nothing cuter then a little baby in a diaper cover and knit hat. Add a sled and some Christmas lights to make it a really special photo.  You are welcome to bring your own.

3. Young kids look great in bright pajamas. Yes, pajamas. Some of the cutest holiday pictures we have taken have been siblings in their jammies. Once again, add a sled and some lights for the extra touch.

4. Be prepared. Sessions are only 30 minutes so you want to come prepared. You don’t want to spend the entire session fussing over hair and clothes. The perfect smile might get missed. Make sure you have hair brushes and products with you for last minute fixes. Know “What to Expect“.

5. Boogie wipes are fantastic. These saline tissues work wonders to keep boogies out of photo sessions. Dripping noses in November and December always happen. But having  wipes handy makes sure the snot stays out of the photos. They are also slightly wet keeping away skin redness and tissue residue.


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