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What to Expect

About Our Sessions >>

At Big Apple Portraits we know the importance of a capturing life’s special moments. A new baby, a new puppy, a first birthday, or even just the milestones along the way. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to take portraits of ALL those moments.

In the studio>>
Our sessions are generally 1/2 hour long. The number of pictures our photographers take will vary. We typically use white and dark blue backgrounds but might mix it up a little with another fun  backdrop too!

Our experienced photographers shoot with a hand held digital camera, giving them the freedom to move and interact with everyone on a personal level. While we carefully set up a pose, we understand that children are children and we let them do what they do best while still capturing that genuine smile or laugh or frown.
During the shoot we may make funny noises or do goofy things to make your child smile. If you make noises your child will (understandably) look at you first. This means your child is not engaging with the camera. When the time comes that we need assistance we will ask you to get behind the photographer to help out, but please let us try first!

Viewing and purchasing your photos>>
After your session in the studio, you will book a ordering appointment at the desk. Depending on the day, we may be able to book you a next-day viewing appointment.  Same day ordering appointments must be made in advance but we do ask for a grace period of about four hours so that we can give your photographs the time and attention they deserve. At your chosen ordering appointment time, you will view a short slide show of the best portraits from your session. Following the slideshow, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite images. Any of your favorites can be changed to black & white or sepia right on the spot. We also provide re-touching services, for a fee, to remove any unsightly blemishes.
We strive to produce high quality images without the expensive price tag.
Our pricing tends to be about the same, if not less expensive, than some of the large chain studios. There is no reason why you should have to pay a $500 sitting fee in order to have pictures that will last a lifetime. We have a wide variety of print, digital, and frame packages, starting at just $125.

Sharing your photos>>
After you decide to purchase, we will send you a link to our website to view your password protected gallery from your recent session or any previous session. You can also send the link to others so they can view your photoshoot and order prints directly from the website. This will allow you to view your photos from home as well as sharing it with family and friends!

Sitting Fees

Your session is FREE! We never charge a sitting fee. There are many photographers who charge large sitting fees before you even take your first picture. You gamble on what you get with a big price tag. We understand kids have good days (and bad days) and ask you just keep coming back if your child is not in the mood. You don’t have to pay for photos you don’t want!

What to Wear

Anything you want. However, to offer some more helpful advice:
For newborns/toddlers: clothing with a tighter fit rather than looser for example a onesie or cute diaper cover. If you have a favorite outfit feel free to bring more options and we will help you decide. Any special, handmade or monogrammed items are also encouraged. During your session we will also take a few nude shots which will require absolutely no clothes at all.
Little kids: A favorite outfit of the moment always looks cute– jeans and a button down, a little sundress. Bring a few options and we can help you decide – it’s good to have a solid color outfit and one patterned option. Don’t hesitate to allow the child to choose what they would like to wear for their photoshoot.
Older kids: Either let them decide or something simple, a t shirt and jeans. Don’t force your teenager into anything they do not want to be wearing. We also welcome all coming-of-age celebratory outfits.
Adults: Simple and clean cut – button downs, polos, anything with a nice neckline. We usually recommend solids for a more consistent look; patterned clothing tends to stand out more than solids.
Group shots: All families are different. Some ideas for group shots: all jeans and white or black shirts; all jeans and different kinds of shirts in shades of the same color (ie. light blue, royal blue, dark blue shirts); not matching at all – all members of the party wearing anything they want; girls in pink, boys in blue; or the same shirt on each child in different primary colors.
**Please note that for children of all ages (including adults) we will ask that shoes and socks come off – this includes tights in most situations as well. The reason is that socks do not photograph well and bare feet look much, much cuter. For adults, please prepare – we will sneak you in for one or two with your child even if the session focuses on them.

What to Bring

(and why we do not use props or toys in our photoshoots)
Less is more. We do not incorporate toys into our sessions because we want to take photographs of your child: their mannerisms, personality and emotions rather than the toy your child is enjoying. If you have a special toy, please bring it with you. We will try to introduce it at the end of your photoshoot or if we need to use it. Children cry when their toys are taken away from them, and we want big smiles not tears. Hats, headbands, dress up clothes, team jerseys – feel free to bring it all. Dogs and trained live animals are also welcome to join.



During your no-sitting fee photo session

Your no sitting-fee photo session is 30 minutes.

While the number of pictures our photographers take vary, most sessions produce 15-25 photos. While we carefully set up a pose, we understand that children are children and we let them do what they do best while still capturing that genuine smile or frown.

We may make funny noises or do goofy things to make your child smile. Please resist the urge of trying to make your child smile. They will (understandably) look at you first and therefore will not engage with the camera. If the time comes that we need assistance we will ask you to get behind the photographer to help out. Please let us try first!

Viewing your photos

After booking a photo appointment you will be asked to book a 30-minute viewing appointment. Same-day viewing appointments can often be accommodated if booked in advance, although we do ask for four hours so that we can give your photographs the time and attention in edits that they deserve.

Your gallery should contain 15-25 handpicked photos. Although we do shoot very many photos, please be assured that these were the best photos. Our professionals delete duplicate photos, closed eyes and would never delete a stunning smile.

You will first view a slideshow of all your photos accompanied to music.  Oftentimes we will go through your photos and quickly narrow down to find a package that is a good fit for you.  During this step, we will help you pick your top choices.  You are allotted one viewing appointment free of charge. Minor & major retouches are available upon request.


We have 4 basic collections that we are sure will accommodate your family’s needs.  Your photographer will recommend and help you choose the best package for your needs.  The minimum photo purchase is $125. A la carte prints are available after a package purchase. Multiple sessions cannot be combined in one package.

Online gallery

Now that you have picked your photos out, we are sure you are excited to share them.  We offer clients a password protected online gallery. You will receive an email with your login information within 24-48 hours.  You can share this gallery with anyone, provided they have the password.  You & your relatives can also order prints from our online system. Your photos will be uploaded online for 30 days.

Receiving your order

It takes approximately a week to 21  days from the time you place your order until you receive it.  If your order has special retouching, it may take up to 14 days.  If you would like your order faster, there is a $25 print rush fee. Turnover times vary from product to product. Feel free to ask a Big Apple Employee about specific turnover times. You are welcome to inquire about the status of your order by email at any time. We have a $12 shipping fee. Other orders are for pickup only.