Session Prep

Anything you want. However, to offer some more helpful advice:

For newborns/toddlers: tighter fitting clothing rather than looser for example a onesie or cute diaper cover. If you have a favorite outfit feel free to bring more options and we will help you decide. Any special, handmade or monogrammed items are also encouraged. During your session we will also take a few nude shots which will require absolutely no clothes at all.

Little kids: A favorite outfit of the moment always looks cute– jeans and a button down, a little sundress. Bring a few options and we can help you decide – it’s good to have a solid color outfit and one patterned option. Don’t hesitate to allow the child to choose what they would like to wear for their photoshoot.

Older kids: Either let them decide or something simple, a t shirt and jeans. Don’t force your teenager into anything they do not want to be wearing. We also welcome all coming-of-age celebratory outfits.

Adults: Simple and clean cut – button downs, polos, anything with a nice neckline. We usually recommend solids for a more consistent look. Patterned clothing tends to stand out more than solids.

Group shots: All families are different. Some ideas for group shots: all jeans and white or black shirts; all jeans and different kinds of shirts in shades of the same color (ie. light blue, royal blue, dark blue shirts); not matching at all – all members of the party wearing anything they want; girls in pink, boys in blue; or the same shirt on each child in different primary colors.

Please note that for children of all ages (including adults) we will ask that shoes and socks come off – this includes tights in most situations as well. The reason is that socks do not photograph well and bare feet look much, much cuter. For adults, please prepare – we will sneak you in for one or two with your child even if the session focuses on them.

Please check our our Pinterest for more details.