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No Session Fee Photography

What is a no session fee photographer? At Big Apple Portraits we guarantee you will love your portraits or you do not have to make a purchase. There is no upfront fee. No $350 spent before you walk in the studio. No cost to take the portraits. Most of our sessions are a no cost 30 minutes. After your session you join us for a reveal in the studio and only purchase the photos you love. All the package pricing is all-inclusive. Your session is free and your package is the one that fits your needs. There are no hidden costs or payments. We know kids are kids and families do not always function as planned. We want to take away the risk and stress to make sure that the smiles are the highlight of your session – not the fee.

Contact us by email about creating a fun and unique holiday portrait session or call us at 212.600.4457

Introducing Niyam

We recently had new clients, Candace and Vinayak, come to the studio with their new baby boy.  He was such a sweet little thing.  He was wide awake when we started shooting and quickly fell asleep for most of his session.  All the while, giving us the cutest little smiles.  We wish the whole family the best of luck on this wonderul journey.

Introducing Niyam.

August 1st, 2017|

POLICY CHANGE: Photo Storage and Online Gallery Deletion

Beginning August 1st, we are changing the way that we are able store your photos here in the studio and online.

Our current policy is:

  • We store your photos here in studio for up to a year.
  • Your most recent session will be available in an online gallery for 30 days after your ordering appointment.
  • Your online galleries would include your past sessions
Unfortunately, our online host system is changing and so we must change with them.  We have been lenient with this policy in the past and have been able to keep your photos here in studio since we began almost 10 years ago.
Our new policy will be:
  • We store your photos here in studio for up to a year and will then be deleted.
  • Your most recent session will be available in an online gallery for 30 days after your ordering appointment.

Any gallery older than August 1, 2016 will be deleted here in studio.  Any online gallery older than July 1, 2017 will also be deleted.

Enjoy 10% off any products from your previous galleries now until July 31st at midnight. Use code: BAP10DEL

If you have any questions about your older galleries, please call us at 212-600-4457 or email at

July 28th, 2017|

Introducing Brooke

It’s always fun when we have pregnant mom with big brother during the holidays to make cards and then meet the new little sister when she arrives.

This session was a dream, in the very first pose and very first set up, new baby Brooke started with a GIANT smile. Big brother Brandon was gentle and calm. He just wanted to smoosh his face into her. We agree, her little face was irresistibly kissable.

Introducing Brooke.

July 1st, 2017|