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Collections – Starting at $425

We love to encourage all of our clients to display your beautiful photos on your walls, so we are proud to introduce our Gallery Collections which combine heirloom artwork, prints, and digitals. All of our new Gallery Collections are available in Canvas Wraps, Framed Prints, or Wood Blocks, include the coordinating full resolution images, and a gift print credit.  You can also upgrade your collection to include all of your images from your session digitally.

Gallery Collection 1


Gallery Collection 2


Gallery Collection 3


Gallery Collection 4


Collections – Starting at $425

Mini Galleries – Starting at $175

Mini Gallery Collection 1

Mini Gallery Collection 2


Mini Gallery Collection 3


Mini Galleries – Starting at $175

Digital Images – Starting at $75

Single Full Resolution Images

Digital images include a print release. Now, with our digital image packages, you can now publish your photos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more! You are welcome to retouch & print these photos as much as you like. 

{1} Digital Image

* minimum 2 images if purchased without a print package

Plus, no session fee, ever!


Complete Full Resolution Collection

Thinking of making your own photo books, cards, gifts and prints? Get all of the images from your session as full resolution digital images with print release. Full resolution images give you the right to print your photos as many times as you would like. You can put them on Facebook, edit them, and share them to your hearts desire!

There is still no sitting fee and you will receive all images after edits from your session. Most 1/2 hour sessions have 15-30 images in a gallery. With the full resolution digitals, you also receive complimentary minor retouching on all images.

Full Resolution Digitals of all images in gallery + Minor Retouching 
Add {50} Custom Cardstock Cards
Add a 20-page Layflat Album Collection
Add {3} 10×10 Canvas Wraps
Plus, no session fee, ever!

Digital Images – Starting at $75

Print Packages – Starting at $125

Basic Package

Our introductory package. At $125, it’s the most affordable package we offer!

(1) 8×10
(2) 5×7’s  of one pose
(2) 4×6’s of one pose
(1) sheet of 8 wallets

Plus, no session fee, ever!

Mix & Match Package

Our most popular print package! Create your own custom package and choose up to 7 poses.

{15} prints in any size up to an 8×10.
(4×6, 5×7, and sheets of wallets optional).
$250 ($450 value)

Plus, no session fee, ever!

Enlargement Package

Our go big package. Get large prints for your walls and choose up to 5 poses.

{2} 8×10’s of one pose

{2} 11×14’s of two poses

{2} 16×20 of two poses


Plus, no session fee, ever!

Print Packages – Starting at $125

Photo Books – Starting at $225

Accordion Books

These little mini books are great to showcase for your favorite photos and perfect for your purse or desk!

Set of {3} Accordion Mini Books


Plus, no session fee, ever!



Layflat Books

Our Layflat Books are one of our favorite ways to display your photos without using up all your wall space.  They also make great gifts for grandparents or even as a keepsake for your child.

Set of {3} Layflat Books-

{1} 8×8 album

{2}6×6 albums


Plus, no session fee, ever!


Photo Books – Starting at $225

Cards/Announcements- Starting at $175

 Cards: for announcements, invitations, holiday cards and more


Cards are available in 3 options:

Tinyprints & Minted
Photo Paper
Tinyprints & Minted:

Everyone knows and loves the cards on and We are constantly asked whether you can take Big Apple Portraits and put them on a or card – a DIY card for you to make on your own. And now you can! This year we have partnered with these online vendors to use our photos on their cards. See more details and coupons here.

{1} Photo for use on tinyprints and minted: $50

{3} Photos for use on tinyprints and minted: $140

{5} Photos for use on tinyprints and minted: $200

Big Apple Portraits offers both DIY and full service options. Make cardstock and photo paper cards in studio or Do It Yourself on tinyprints or minted!
5×7 Cardstock:

This full service options allows us to help you create your cards. With a wide variety of templates and samples, we will work with you to create that perfect announcement or holiday card.  Cards a printed on heavy weight matte cardstock and come with envelopes. Cards come in both flat and folded. Flat cards are blank on the back to provide space to personalize.

{50} Flat: $200   Folded: $250

{100} Flat: $300   Folded: $350

5×7 Photo Paper:

Photo paper cards are our most affordable full service option. With many templates to choose from, we will create your card with you in studio. Each set comes with envelopes.

{50} Flat luster paper: $150

{100} Flat luster paper: $250

Plus, no session fee, ever!

Book a no sitting fee session

Cards/Announcements- Starting at $175

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