After the Holiday season rush, the creative juices sometimes stop flowing.  Most people have already taken portraits and aren’t looking to make an additional investment. But with school age kids, Valentine’s is the best time for mini-shoots. Valentine’s day is the perfect time for a cute photoshoot with props– just to get a few fun pictures. This year we partnered with both tinyprints and minted for cards. So we thought:  Let’s make a cute set, have quick shoots, and offer a special two-for-one tinyprints/minted image deal to use on those sites for your Valentine’s day cards.

How to create a Valentine's Day set for photographers

1. Create a cute set.  After several trips the craft store we ended up using the hanging hearts from the stationary store on 72nd Street – just a few doors up. We have been trying to frequent other local businesses and this store had been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.  $15 later,  we had several sets of hanging hearts ready to tape to a backdrop. I’m glad we bought extra sets since we tangled a few in the first shoot…and they became completely unusable.

You can also repurpose any props you already had as well:  chalkboards with mom’s handwriting, wagons, and little red chairs. Get the kids to dress up in tutus or red suspenders and you are all set.

2. Try ideas that might fail. We had seen images on Pinterest where kids were blowing snow (fake snow, lets hope!) from their hands and thought…. “hey! That would be so cute with paper hearts!” We are always looking for really affordable unique ways to create an incredible image. Well, paper hearts weren’t a complete fail— but, it wasn’t exactly cute either. Our six year olds couldn’t open their eyes or smile and blow at the same time. With a 4 year old, we ended up just throwing the hearts in the air when she pretended to blow. And there was a BIG mess to clean up after each blow.

Valentine's Photography - Blowing confetti hearts

3.  Figure out dates but don’t offer more then you can shoot. Mini shoots are something special for us. We just started offering them and we want to have them be something different. Of course, we also don’t want it to be our norm. 20 minutes doesn’t allow much warm up time, & only allows for one or two backdrops. But, how many heart photos do parents really want? They want one or two cute Valentine’s photos and that is what we try and offer.

Typically we only bring out our inner kitsch when it’s Halloween or with the chicks for Easter. But this Valentine’s, we found a quick way to offer something our families had already been asking for.

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