What fun. Smash an expensive cake. While most of our cake smash sessions are Crumbs cupcakes, this little girl smashed a sprinkle filled cake from the Momofuko milk bar on Columbus.

First Birthday cake smash


 Tips for Choosing a Cake Smash Cake

The most important part of any photo shoot is your child. It’s all about the big smiles. This is also true during our cake smash sessions. The second most important part of our cake smash sessions is the cake. Choosing a cake can be daunting. We always ask parents to provide the cake or cupcake, that way you’ll be sure to get the look you want. You’ll also be able to take into consideration any special dietary needs your child may have.  Here are a few tips when choosing a cake or cupcake.

1. Don’t choose a giant cake. The most important part of the session is the kid not the cake. We recommend cakes that are 6 inches or smaller (the cake above is 6 inches and looks huge next to her). In the past we always recommended using a Crumbs cupcake. It’s bigger then the average cupcake and smaller then a full sized cake.

2. The icing should be soft and light colored. Buttercream and fondant make gorgeous cakes but the icing never gets all over your child – which is part of the fun! Pastels look great on camera. Chocolate on the other hand might look like something other then chocolate when smeared across your child’s face.

3. Sprinkles, sprinkles, sprinkles. Decorations look fantastic. It’s all about the cake accessories. Sprinkles are our favorite since they add color and pop. The sprinkles look great stuck to the hands and face. They also look great scattered across the floor.

4. There are fancy bakers like City Cakes downtown and Momofuko Milk bar. However, supermarket cakes have soft icing and look great too.

5. If you bake your own cake or cupcakes, make sure to bring extra icing or toppings. The extras will make the session extra special.


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