As a photographer-in-training at Big Apple Portraits, I like to blog about tips and tricks with the camera. However, today I got it together enough to get IN FRONT of the camera. Gulp. Here are some things that I learned just from our mini-shoot today:

1. TAKE DEEP BREATHS. Just minutes before this I knocked over a light stand and was feeling fairly anxious about it. Of course, that anxiety translated instantly to my facial features– I had an eye twitch and an incredibly nervous-looking smile. That doesn’t mean the shoot cant go well, though. I still think I got some great shots. However, it did rule out a few possibilities for me.

2. Relax your jaw. I clench my jaws as soon as I get in front of the camera, and you can see it so clearly once that photo is on the computer screen. Try and be hyper conscious of your facial muscles and keep them as relaxed as possible. And of course, when in doubt, try Tip #1.

3. Its okay to be silly. I find that when I let my guard down and make silly faces or crack jokes then I feel much more relaxed and ready to have that winning smile.

Big Apple Portraits No Sitting Fee Headshot

And for your viewing appointment:

1. Dont be over critical of yourself. You are beautiful, and you are going to look beautiful no matter what. If you have that attitude it will translate into your headshots instantly. Try and realize the imperfections you see in a photo may be nothing like what your friends or significant other might see. Even a future employer! Trust your viewing person. I look at headshots and family photographs for eight to nine hours a day, every day. We can help provide that unbiased eye.

Every time a family comes in, the wife hates every photo she is present and the husband wants all of them. Its okay to like photos of yourself!

2. Remember that if you don’t get the shot you wanted, its not the end of the world. Really, in perspective of everything else, this is only a small fraction of the rest of your life. Fact of the matter is, there are probably 10 other shots you weren’t expecting to have in that very shoot that are equally as lovely as that picture-perfect family photo or headshot in your head. Admittedly, in my circumstance, my vision and the product did not see eye to eye– but I ended up seeing my photos for how they really were. And of course, if you really don’t like any of them, you can always do a reshoot. We have no sitting fees for a reason!

Hoping these tips help you in your shoot. And remember, our photographers always try their best!


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