With Father’s Day today, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my dad, Bob, and what his support means to me as a mother and a business owner.

If you’ve visited the studio before, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen him either at the front desk answering calls, greeting people as they come in, or walking through the studio with either Asher or Amelia (or both) in tow. You may have even seen him around the neighborhood – at the park with my girls, at pick-up, getting ice cream. Or you may have seen him at the New York Sports Club taking one of his many spin classes each week.

My dad is my biggest backer. There is no doubt that without my dad, I would not be able to run Big Apple Portraits or be the mom I am today. When I began the studio, he was there from the beginning. He is the reason Big Apple Portraits exists. He is also the biggest cheerleader of Big Apple. Whether it’s an old friend or just meeting someone for the first time, he loves to talk (and talk and talk) about us and the work we do. And for those that have met my dad, his enthusiasm is infectious.

My dad also brings the same enthusiasm and tireless energy to my family. While I’m working at the studio, he’s picking up the slack with the kids. I know how lucky I am. I have family to help with my girls and they have a relationship with him that is so heartwarming. He’ll bring the girls to the studio and if I’m busy, he’ll entertain them while I’m finishing editing photos or orders. And when I hear Amelia or Asher giggling, it makes me incredibly happy to know that my girls are being loved so completely until I can hang up my camera and take them home.

Happy Father’s Day, dad. Thanks for all that you do.


~Posing done by Asher


And for all the dads, from our family to yours, have a wonderful Father’s Day.

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