Just days away from Halloween, we thought today’s post was a timely one we’d share from our friends over at Mommy Poppins.

For parents, being worried about your children is naturally a given response. And with a holiday like Halloween where free candy is given out by people you may not know, it’s not surprising why parents may worry about incidents waiting to happen on this fun-filled holiday.

But with a grounded sense of reality (and we thank them for it!), Mommy Poppins created a great infographic tackling what things parents should be aware of and the fears they can disregard:

Mommy Poppins Halloween Safety Infographic


For more awesome resources on Halloween, be sure to check out their guide before the 31st. You can also find them on Twitter @MommyPoppins or on Facebook.

Don’t forget, we’ll also be offering an outdoor photo op on Halloween from 10am -4pm (weather permitting) in front of our studio location.


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