In the next few weeks, we’re going to have a series of posts on the people behind our studio.

First on our list is someone you may have known for years or have seen him around Big Apple. He tends to be the jokester of our staff and this trait makes him invaluable with all those who come to take their photos, putting them—especially the kids!—immediately at ease in front of the camera.

Meet Brian Finnegan, one of our staff photographers:

When/How did you start working here?

November 27, 2009. I had responded to a post for a studio position. I was interviewed with Harmonie first, and then Kim later in the meeting. They called me back by the time I got back home. Two reasons that I remember they liked me was that I had good eye contact and knew the proper raspberry sound to make for a 6-month old.

When/How did you get started in Photography?

I was originally more into film during high school. They had a great Media Communication program but no photography class. I started going to shows and realized I enjoyed photography to a degree. I purchased my first film SLR and started hauling it around to places I went. A friend of mine was on the Prom slideshow and asked me to submit some photos. A few days later a teacher of mine who was also involved in the slide show asked me ‘Are these pictures you took of Matt and Bree?’ and after saying yes she said “These are the most impressive photos I’ve seen out of the whole thing. You should think about photography.” So I did. I got a job at the local chain photostudio straight out of high school and have been in a studio environment ever since.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The smiles. No matter if they’re from fart noises, corny jokes or goofy faces the smiles are worth it. It’s even better when they come after asking them NOT to smile and they just can’t hold it in. Or I ask them ‘what’s so funny?’ and they crack up and say ‘Yoouuuu’. That means I’m doing my job.

What is your specialty & why?

It usually helps if they get my jokes. Around 3+. I’m the jokester. I’m tricky, witty and silly. The boss is the one who sings. I usually have a pool of the same jokes to choose from. Certain ones for certain scenarios. So I’m sorry if you’ve been here multiple times and have heard a couple of repeats.

What is your most memorable moment here?

It isn’t very specific to the job, but one of my most memorable moments here was within the first month. Back when Kim’s daughter Asher was around the store more often, we confiscated the foam furniture and built a boat and roamed the seas and went on an imaginary adventure. One of the best parts about the job is the family element. Being with them for almost 6 years I feel like part of it. Knowing her older daughter for more than half her life and her younger daughter for her whole life. Often clients ask if Kim and I are siblings or even married sometimes just because of our banter.

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