It’s another week and we’re excited to introduce our second post on our people behind the studio series.

She handles the phone calls, the appointments, greeting people as they come in the studio, the orders and everything all in between. She’s the details person in our studio.

Meet Harmonie Soyk, our office manager:

A Little Bit About Me…

I grew up in WI and yes I love cheese! I moved to NY about a little over 9 years ago. I have 2 Cats-Sinatra & B.- and a dog-Gizmo. I also just adopted a new little kitten and we named him Bane. I also have 7 nieces and nephews that I try to spoil as often as possible.

I Started Working Here…

I was hired in October 2008, when the studio was still PortraitBug.  Kim and her dad were just starting the business and the studio was still under construction when I interviewed.  I worked there part time and made the move with everyone to Big Apple Portraits.  You usually only see me around during Easter and Halloween (my favorites!) but now I’m here full time.


My Job Here Is…

I really do a lot of things behind the scenes.  I’m the one that calls everyone to remind them of their appointment.  I send the emails and make the calls that orders are complete.  I’m the one that answers all the emails and help resolve any problems that may arise.  I help take care of the website stuff.  I may sit with you when you order your photos from you session.  I really do a lot of everything here!


My Photography Experience is…

I started taking pictures at a really young age.  My ma gave me my first camera when I was about 6.  It was a little one that just took film and had no flash.  I took pictures of everything.  As I got older I got better cameras.  I eventually started taking pictures of bands and I also do a lot of photos of my family for parties and weddings and special occasions.

Why I Love My Job…

My favorite part of my job is the kids because they truly do some the cutest things and say some of the darnedest things.  One day there was a little boy that was asking me about my labret piercing.  He asked what was in my lip and I explained to him that it was like an earring that I put there.  He stared at me for awhile contemplating it.  Then he said “You know what I think happened?  I think you got a screw stuck in there and you can’t get it out.”
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