Introducing our new spinoff, Big Apple Headshots

We’ve Launched Big Apple Headshots

This week, we are launching our new spinoff specializing in corporate and professional headshots, Big Apple Headshots. Whether you are a momprenuer, investment banker, or heading back to the workplace after baby, putting a professional image online improves people’s impression of you. The best part is, we know you and your family so it’ll be a comfortable place where we can help you create a confident image that you love.

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First Impressions Matter

Big Apple Portraits offers professional, high quality headshots.

We can help update your headshot, start your personal brand, and put your best face forward. We specialize in the following:

In the corporate world, a professional headshot has become commonplace and personal branding means everything. Let Big Apple Portraits help you make that impression stand out. Your headshot can be used for resumes, marketing collateral, and for social networks such as LinkedIn.

Social Media
We understand that first impressions are everything and we want to help you look your best. Big Apple Portraits can give you the beautiful headshot you need. From Facebook to LinkedIn, update your photo and be noticed.

As an actor, your headshot is crucial to getting gigs or auditions. Let Big Apple Portraits capture a photo that is uniquely you. We will take a photo that represents you and lets you stand out from the crowd.

Job Hunters
Looking for a new job? Start with a great headshot at Big Apple Portraits. Don’t use that old Instagram pic that was taken with your phone. Recruiters and managers tend to check out your Linkedin or Facebook profile before you are even considered for the position, which means the wrong headshot can ruin your chances of even getting a chance to speak to anyone.

Entrepreneurs & Professionals
You are the face of your business. Big Apple Portraits can help you make the best first impression and create a recognized brand image with your headshot. Have a headshot that can help you attract new opportunities.

Teams, Firms & Partners
Have you thought about what your company’s image says about you?  Up your game with professional headshots of your team. Big Apple Portraits has some great options to update your team’s brand that will stand out from your competitors. We will take individual and group shots in studio or on location.

We specialize in headshots

Creating Your Personal Brand: Start With A Memorable, Professional Headshot

In the era of social media, images can make or break a person. For a person who’s looking to be taken seriously as a professional, the same is true. A selfie may rule on Instagram, but for networking, job interviews, resumes, and LinkedIn, coming across as reliable and professional in your headshot is key for putting the best face forward.

So why is it important to get a headshot done professionally? Recruiters, Casting Agents, Hiring Managers, etc. want to invest in you.  A beautifully lit, clearly focused, professional photo that captures your personality without distracting backgrounds will get you in more doors than that old Facebook or Instagram photo. Getting a professional headshot done in a photography studio can help you in ways photos on your phone can’t.  We have professional lighting and backdrops and have experienced photographers who are focused on capturing you.

We’ve told you how first impressions and looking professional matters, but here’s a few hard facts on how powerful an image can be:

Statistics on why you should get your headshots done professionally

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