too big for santa?

We often get this question when it comes to our Santa Sessions, and our answer is this: no.

We believe that if your child still loves Santa, they should absolutely come to see him. But we also know that after a certain age, they’ve outgrown sitting on Santa’s lap. While the typical Santa at department stores have only a limited time—and a small amount of space—here at Big Apple Portraits, our Santa has more time to interact with the kids and the space to get creative.

Here’s 5 Ways Older Kids Can Have Fun with Santa:

1) Find the most realistic, awesome Santa ever (one with a full beard).

Our Santa looks like the real deal. Rosy cheeks, the boisterous laugh, and the snowy whiteboard. But above all else, our Santa embodies the Christmas spirit and the magic of the season.

too big for santa?

2) How high can Santa jump? Test him!

Rudolph, Dasher, and Vixen aren’t the only ones who have jumping power. One of the favorite options that the kids enjoy is jumping with Santa and testing how high he can go.

too big for santa?

3) Tangle Santa in holiday lights.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be just a little bit mischievous and that includes getting the chance to tangle Santa in lights. We can give no promises that they might get a bag of coal instead of a cookie.

4) High fives? Up high, bro!

There’s nothing that says camaraderie like a high five. Also, we have to admit, it’s incredibly cute when the kid is trying to reach Santa’s hand (as he’s quite tall).

too big for santa?

5) Sneak some of Santa’s stash of cookies for yourself.

Ah, who wouldn’t love some chocolate chip cookies? Santa is one character who doesn’t mind sharing his stash. Enjoy a snack while also hanging out with the most jolly person you’d ever meet.



If you’re interested in hanging out with Santa, he’ll be in the studio on November 21-22 and December 13. Our Santa Sessions are 10 minutes each. Our session has no-sitting fee but we do require a $50 deposit when reserving a spot. The $50 will go towards package you choose. We were also featured as one of the top 9 spots to visit Santa in NYC on Red Tricycle.

Schedule your session before time runs out and Santa’s sleigh pulls out of town.


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