Don’t get me wrong. I love taking photos of kids. However, some of my favorite shoots are of newborns. A newborn photography session is much quieter than a session with an older child– no need for silly faces and smiles! If we’re lucky, they’re asleep and we can just move them into the right shapes. And let’s not forget the many newborn props that we have ūüôā

Here are some tips if you are planning for a new baby and are considering a newborn shoot:
1. Try and bring the baby in before they are two weeks old.
We want to get them before they have too much muscle strength. Little Juliette was just at the two week mark. It took her a while for her to fall asleep, but once she did we got some beautiful shots.

2. Book a specialized newborn session, instead of a regular one.
Our newborn sessions allow us to have an hour with the baby. If the baby wakes up in the middle of the shoot, the hour gives the mother time to feed him/her and allow the baby to fall back asleep again.

3. If you have any cute hats or special momentos, bring them along!
We have tons of cute newborn props, but if you have something special to commemorate your child’s birth you are welcome to bring it along. We will gladly incorporate it into your session. Just mention it!

4. Advocate for yourself in your shoot.
If there is a prop you don’t like, or you just don’t think your daughter is a tutu type of girl, then feel free to mention that to the photographer. We bring our own creativity to your shoot, but remember that this is your child and these are your photos. We will happily change our plans to fit more of your personal style.

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