Canvas wrap sets make wonderful gallery walls. We always tell our clients you should put your photos on the wall and enjoy them. As a mom, I have thousands of pictures on my computer. But it’s the pictures on my wall that I really enjoy. And while it takes time to figure which layout to choose or which photos I love best, I am always glad when it’s done.

Canvas Wrap Set Sale


More and more I personally choose squares. It’s a personal preference but they are easy to build wall displays with over time. They look good with 2 side by side. Or 3 up and down. Then you can go all the way to 9 or 12 squares and make a big giant square.

Since many of our clients have taken portraits over the years we are offering an online gallery sale. Past sessions will be available online and canvas sets are on sale until October 1st, 2013. To access your online gallery go to

Having lots of little canvases can also make a big impact. And for New York City apartments this is sometimes better then having one giant picture of your kids that takes up all the wall space you have.  It also means you only get to enjoy the one pictures and not the images as your children grow.

The reason we started Big Apple Portraits was so you could affordably take many sessions over time. With no session fee it means you are not plunking down $1500 per session. The idea was to have a place to commemorate all the special moments. And you are able to mix and match canvases from multiple sessions to really make an impressive gallery wall.


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