Often, during our newborn sessions, we are asked when is the next time to take pictures. And more often we are called about newborn sessions when the baby is already past the 2 week mark. Years ago newborn shoots were actually closer to the 3 month session (or even 6 month session). The typical shot of the baby with the blanket over the head was thought to be newborn. And this ends up being where so many of us, after giving birth or forgoing portraits of our naked bumps, begin taking professional pictures.

Here is our important first year milestones for photography list:

1. Maternity & newborns:  The moment your new baby enters the world, we all fall in love and want to document each precious moment. Newborn sessions are for babies 2 weeks old and younger. And let’s face it, so many of us are overwhelmed and exhausted, that we miss this opportunity. And well, maternity sessions are often skipped as well.

3-4 Month Milestone2. “Baby’s got head strength”: Often you hear 3 months is the time to take pictures. But  wait for the milestone, it will happen and when it does, the portraits will be beautiful.

really it’s about milestones and not age. Babies grow at different speeds and the first year is about what they can do, not about what

month they reached. Usually this does happen around 3-5 months. I made the mistake of having portraits taken of my first daughter when she was 2 months. What a mistake! She hadn’t yet developed enough neck strength to not strain when lying on her belly. It basically looks like she is constipated in every single pictures. She is super cute nonetheless, but I wish I would have waited. It is so important t

The most important milestone is your baby holding their head up with ease. But at this point you will also find there are usually responsive smiles too. Those first real smiles are such a wonderful moment to capture. Around this time babies also discover their chubby little feet, grabbing them and putting them in their mouths.

All of these milestones allow us to photograph those quintessential pictures. From the gerber baby blanket over the head to naked bottoms in the air, taking pictures at this stage gives you all the classic baby poses.

3. Sitting up!: When your baby is sitting up like a pro but not quite crawling yet, there are a ton of new poses to attempt. It is important that your little one can sit up without tripodding – meaning they do not need to rest on their hands for balance. At this point we may still use props to help them sit up, like vintage tubs or antique crates.


This is also the perfect time to incorporate mom and dad into the pictures. The baby is strong enough for a gentle toss in the air or smootchy kiss on the cheek. I once read that babies memories before 4 years old are those reinforced by photos. So I always make sure to try and include moms in the photos. Since we are a ‘no sitting fee’ photographer, there really is no harm in trying. If mom hates herself in the picture it is not a picture she is obligated to buy. But it’s always worth a try since these photos are hopefully going to last for your child to keep as memories.



3. The 9 month belly laughsBy far my favorite time to photograph is 9 months. It’s not a huge milestone age. Crawling sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t. And sometimes your baby can pull up on a chair or sit in a kids chair. But really there is something so special about 9 month portraits. They are FUN.

The best part about a photo session that is the photos are always fantastic. Don’t miss this session. It really will amaze you.

4. Turning one: They sit, they stand, they maybe even walk. But have they ever had sugar? The first birthday session is probably the most important session we shoot. The milestone is huge. At Big Apple Portraits, we celebrate turning one with a cake smash. We are purely B.Y.O.C (bring your own cake). Watch your baby dive into a cake or simply pick at the sprinkles one by one. Whatever the reaction a cake smash session commemorates the milestone of turning one.

  • Several years ago we offered a welcome baby package called the BabySnap panel. It had three pictures during the first year of life in a frame. While it was lovely and a wonderful keepsake from baby’s first year, we found it didn’t give people what they really wanted – digitals. That way they can make gifts for family members and be able to make wall collages in a custom design. Normally our digitals are $75 a piece with a 2 digital minimum. With this package you can get that one special image from each session as a digital and you also get a lay-flat book including 20 pages.

First Year of Life Photography


 * Thank you to https://www.facebook.com/fotovella for the wonderful template used in our first year of life package flyer. Please note that prices are also subject to change.
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