My name is Anika and I am the newest photographer at Big Apple Portraits. I like to blog about the newest tips & tricks that we’re learning in our upper west side no sitting fee photo studio. It’s first birthday cupcake smash season, and minishoot Mondays are in full effect– with the cupcake on us! But with the NYC minishoots come a new learning experience. Here are a few tips, new and old, that we implement in our cupcake smash First Birthday cake smashsessions.


1. The messier, the better.
This may seem counter-intuitive to some parents, but a kid smiling with a perfectly untouched cupcake is just plain boring. Yes, we may take a shot or two of this if it occurs, but what we’re really looking for are the sprinkles everywhere, the frosting all over baby legs and faces & the enthusiasm of a one year old who has just discovered sugar. Dipping hands in water and then in a bowl of sprinkles can create excitement in an unenthused child & helps add mess where there wasn’t any. And smearing icing across the face always works as well.

Showing skin is a great way to create a wonderful first birthday memory2. Child not smiling? No problem.
Oftentimes, your one year old will be so enthralled with his cupcake mess that he won’t look at you or smile at the camera. No worries! This is very normal. Trust that the photos are still going to be adorable, and that your child’s curiosity will surpass your expectations. If the child is really occupied with the cupcake, this is the perfect opportunity to get some close up shots of little frosting covered hands & feet.

3. Show skin!
Chubby baby legs and feet are really the secret to this photo session. Bring a plain onesie & a diaper cover– At Big Apple Portraits, it’s all about the accessories. Birthday hats, necklaces, cake stands all make the shot special. We will take some photos with the onesie & some without. Some of our favorite outfit choices include a cute tutu that matches the cupcake or any props you decided to bring.

4. Avoid red or brown icing.
There are definitely a few no sitting fee photo sessions that did not adhere to this tip that we love. However, 99% of the time we strongly recommend white icing. Why? Red icing can look like blood when its smeared in a photo, and I’m going to leave the brown icing up to your imagination..

5. Make a cleanup plan.
This will get messier than you think. Consider bringing a friend along to help clean up the cake mess while you give your little one a bath. If the cake does not get put away, you might just have to start the bathing process all over again! Of course, at Big Apple Portraits, we clean up the scene for you & set up all the shots. Our no sitting fee policy means that even if your child is having a bad day, you don’t waste a cent– just come back another time!

A cupcake smash is the best way to celebrate a first birthday. We offer photo books, collages, & canvas wraps to celebrate the special day. These make great gifts for yourself & family.

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