It’s only 2 days away from Halloween and we’re counting down the days by remembering the favorite costumes we’ve seen over the years.

The Well-Dressed Princess
We’ve seen quite a few princesses come through our doors, but this little lady would get our vote that she’s royalty. And that dress? We’d be twirling too if we had one like that in our closet.

Big Apple Portraits Halloween Princess

The Fierce Dinosaur
There’s nothing more fun than dressing up like a dinosaur. While we can belt out to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ — in this costume, you can get away with roaring, literally.


The Newborn Witch
It’s a classic Halloween costume and we can’t help but cackle at the cuteness! Those stockings and that wig is just adorable. All that’s missing is a miniature broomstick.


The Cat in the Hat
That hat, that bowtie! As an iconic children’s literature figure, we couldn’t miss the chance to put the Cat on our list.  “It is fun to have fun / But you have to know how.”


Little Red Riding Hood
If you can’t be a princess, being Little Red Riding Hood is another excellent choice. The cape makes it worth it, despite that pesky wolf who wants to blow the house down.


The One-Eyed Pirate
With a dashing sword and an eye-patch, is it any wonder why dressing up as a pirate is so popular? Ahoy, me hearties!

Spiderman & Canine Sidekick
Last but not least, we couldn’t end our list of favorite costumes without listing a Marvel super hero. While we know Peter Parker didn’t have a dog sidekick, this one is just too adorable not to add, right?

From twirling princesses to a Marvel super hero, we can’t wait to see what this Halloween will bring. And if you missed our newsletter by any chance, we’ll be hosting an outside photo snap for the holiday. You can swing by from 10 am – 4 pm in front of our studio location on West 72nd Street (weather permitting) and get your children’s photo taken in costume. Don’t miss out, come by and say hi!

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