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What is the pricing for your sessions?

Big Apple Portraits is a no session fee photographer. This means you do not pay an upfront fee. Our non-specialty appointments are 30 minutes. You will come in for your session and then return for a reveal appointment. At the reveal we you pick your package. During the winter holidays we offer 3 different types of appointments: the 30 minute session which is the most popular, the mini session where you pre-pick your close-up background color and one set, or visits with our crazy unique Santa. You can find all the details and pricing here.

How do the sessions work?

Two appointments are required for every session: the portrait sitting and the reveal appointment.

During the portrait sitting our experienced photographers shoot with a hand held digital camera, giving them the freedom to move and interact with everyone on a personal level. While we carefully set up a pose, we understand that children are children and we let them do what they do best while still capturing that genuine smile or laugh or frown. During the shoot we may make funny noises, sing, or do goofy things to make your child smile. If your child has noise sensitivities please let us know in advance.

At the reveal session you will watch a slideshow and choose your package. You only need to choose the images you love – the beauty of no session fee.  Please note: since we do not charge a sitting fee, reveal appointments are REQUIRED for all our of sessions. Please plan to for 2 appointments.

Do you shoot outdoor sessions?

No, not at this time.

What promotions and specialty appointments do you offer?

Often we have specials and promotions. Join our mailing list for promotion alerts. Newborn, Maternity, and Cake Smash sessions have pre-paid promotions.




Specialty sessions include our famous live chicks and bunnies & our ‘believable’ Santa. Santa joins us for a couple days each fall. He comes in November so that families can include Santa pictures on their holiday cards. Live chicks and bunnies come to the studio the month preceding Easter.

How do I schedule an appointment?

There are two ways to schedule an appointment at Big Apple Portraits. You can view our calendar and book online at http://bigappleportraits.com/book or call us at 212-600-4457.

Is it possible to add additional time to our 30 minute appointment?

Unfortunately no. We have almost 10 years of experience photographing families and children. That experience taught us that kids really have about 20 minutes before they are no longer interested in the session. We want the session to be fun and exciting so we move things along very quickly. It’s like a playdate! In 30 minutes we will shoot at 2-3 backdrops and get lots of 20-30 poses for you to choose from. 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time for warm-up, performance, and a good time.

Is it possible to pick my package online instead of attending the reveal session?

No, reveal sessions are required. We do not charge an upfront fee so please plan to attend a reveal session if you book a session with us. We are open every day but Wednesday and open late on Monday nights for afterwork appointments.

What props and sets are provided?

During your 30 minute session we will shoot at least 3 different setups. Our style is mostly modern. We will always shoot close-ups on a solid color backdrop that coordinates with your choice of clothing AND the white backdrop which is simple and clean. Our goal is always to focus on your child and the smiles instead of the props. We do however try and stylize our holiday sessions during November and December, then again for chicks and bunnies. No matter what type of session, we have a closet full of props. If you are looking for something particular, please call 212-600-4457 and we can discuss it with you.

What should we wear?

Anything you want. However, to offer some more helpful advice:

For newborns/toddlers: tighter fitting clothing rather than looser for example a onesie or cute diaper cover. If you have a favorite outfit feel free to bring more options and we will help you decide. Any special, handmade or monogrammed items are also encouraged. During your session we will also take a few nude shots which will require absolutely no clothes at all.

Little kids: A favorite outfit of the moment always looks cute– jeans and a button down, a little sundress. Bring a few options and we can help you decide – it’s good to have a solid color outfit and one patterned option. Don’t hesitate to allow the child to choose what they would like to wear for their photoshoot.

Older kids: Either let them decide or something simple, a t shirt and jeans. Don’t force your teenager into anything they do not want to be wearing. We also welcome all coming-of-age celebratory outfits.

Adults: Simple and clean cut – button downs, polos, anything with a nice neckline. We usually recommend solids for a more consistent look. Patterned clothing tends to stand out more than solids.

Group shots: All families are different. Some ideas for group shots: all jeans and white or black shirts; all jeans and different kinds of shirts in shades of the same color (ie. light blue, royal blue, dark blue shirts); not matching at all – all members of the party wearing anything they want; girls in pink, boys in blue; or the same shirt on each child in different primary colors.

Please note that for children 2 and under we will ask that shoes and socks come off – this includes tights in most situations as well. The reason is that socks do not photograph well and bare feet look much, much cuter.

Please check our our Pinterest for more details.

When is the best time to schedule a session?

Always think about the age of your children and the time of day that works before for them. Young children sessions are almost always best in the morning, based on the best time around their nap. Even if your one year old is beaming and happy at 6pm when you or your spouse come home from work, we have found that this is not the best time in the studio. Older kids are great in the afternoon if they are not exhausted from school or sports & activities. Remember, no matter what age – everyone is always happier well fed.

Do you include parent or sibling shots?

All of our sessions include as many combinations as your child will tolerate. We always shoot individuals, siblings together, children alone with each parent, and the entire family. The sessions are face paced and we have a rythym to capture all of those moments. We always encourage parents to join in, so please come prepared. The best part…. If you do not like how you look in the photo, there is no obligation to purchase that image. But your children will cherish the images of you in their session in years to come.

Grandparents are also welcome to join. If there are more then 6 people in the session (children included) we do require you book a large group session.  

My child has a small scratch/bruise or their face, is that ok?

I know kids at this age are on the move! Lots of falling and tripping. If you child has a small mark on their face, do not worry as I am able to touch it up in post.

What if my child is sick?

A healthy child is a happy child. Please let me know within 24hrs of your session if your child is sick, has a runny nose, or cough, so we can reschedule your session.  We never charge a sitting fee just for this reason. We want the best and biggest smiles possible. Thank you for keeping me and my family healthy too!