Common questions about chicks and bunnies

Every year, we’re frequently asked about our Chicks and Bunnies Sessions. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what you need to know.

1. Can I make an appointment for my children and bring along a couple of their friends?

Siblings are welcome for our Chicks and Bunnies Sessions. But if you’d like to bring along other family members (like cousins) or friends, you’ll have to book an additional session (and have separate packages). Why? Chicks and Bunnies is one of our more time consuming sessions and with the added mix of live animals, we have to be extra careful for everyone to be comfortable and that the animals are safe. If you are planning to do this, we’d recommend that when you reserve your spot to book it back to back (and we will try to get a group shot in between).

2. What is the youngest age for Chicks and Bunnies?

This is a case-by-case basis. When we’re asked this question, we tell parents it is mainly up to them on how comfortable they are with animals. For us, our number one priority during these sessions is safety for both your child and the animals. Children under 1 are often placed in our wagon or basket props so they’ll be safely settled while we have someone handling the animals. If you child has not had their first round of vaccinations or is potentially allergic to animals we recommend trying another type of session.

You're never too young for chicks and bunnies!

3. What is the oldest age for Chicks and Bunnies?

Whether you’re 10 or 40, all ages are welcome! We really enjoy our older kids sessions because we can be a little more adventurous. Older kids are just as excited as the younger children when they get to interact with the bunnies and chicks. It’s hard to be immune to soft, fluffy adorableness. And the messes (starts with a p and ends with a p) from the baby chicks and bunnies running around a studio always gets a HUGE laugh.

Chicks and Bunnies are great for older kids as well.

4. Can I bring a change of clothes?

You’re welcome to bring more than one outfit. However, we would recommend instead of different outfits to think about accessories or layers. As we mentioned earlier, Chicks and Bunnies sessions are incredibly time consuming. With only 30-minutes, changing an outfit can be around 5-8 minutes and that means you’ll lose a set of photos. Instead, think about bringing different accessories that go with your child’s outfit or wear something like t-shirt with overalls or a sweater/cardigan that goes over a shirt or dress. Those items can easily be removed for a different set of photos.

Use layers for chicks and bunniesSuspenders are great for chicks and bunnies

5. What should my kids wear?

If you haven’t done Chicks and Bunnies before, it can be hard to figure out what to wear for the first time. Luckily, we just have the post for you. Read our previous post on outfit recommendations.

6. How many sets do you shoot?

We generally try to use three sets. Our main set is the white backdrop where we use different props like our toy tractor or brightly colored pom poms. We also use our light blue backdrop with a wagon, and a wood background. We have a few others we may use but it will always depend on how well your child is doing in the session with the animals.  You can see previous shoots here for an idea of our spring sets.

Pastel colors are great for chicks and bunnies

7. How long is our Chicks and Bunnies session?

Our sessions last 30-minutes. We find that is the longest kids and the animals will last for posing and each session yields about 15-25 photos.

8. How much does it cost?

At Big Apple Portraits, we do not charge for a sitting fee. For packages, they start at $125. We also have special digital packages for spring and can be found here. You are required to book a viewing after your session where you can look at your proofs and place your photo orders.

9.Where do our animals go after Chicks and Bunnies?

Our bunnies and chicks go to the family (Kim’s mom) farm after April 10. You can read more about that here.

Meet our new bunnies for our Chicks and Bunnies sessions

10. What are your animal names?

Our bunnies’ names are Cookie Dough, Mr. Cuddles, and Patches and were named by Kim’s daughters, Asher and Amelia. We also have Grey Ears (or as we like to call her first name Grey, last name Ears) but she is semi-retiring and will only be in the studio very sparingly. For the chicks, since we have quite a lot during the season, we’ve ran out of names after the second year.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t answered here, you can call us at the studio at 212.600.4457 or email us at To book your session, click on the link below.

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