Big Apple Portraits Holiday Sets

Working as an intern at Big Apple Portraits was quite exciting. I learned many new things, from creating photo books to creating set designs. However, it was the sets that really interested me. I had a lot of fun putting them together and being able to be a part of creating a set. It’s wonderful how nothing can become something so powerful: a visual representation of a wonderland.

Get Inspired

You can look at other photographer’s work and build off of them to create new unique and original set designs. You can use Google or Pinterest to find these photos or if you know of specific photographers, you may also look them up or go to their site. At Big Apple Portraits, we use Google and Pinterest to find different sets we like and take inspiration from. We always add our own touches as we believe in using other photographers examples as a starting point.

These are some of our backdrops and props. You can see what a finalized set looks like as well below.

Big Apple Portraits Holiday Sets


Get Creative

Once you’ve got a few ideas, it’s time to put them in action. Sometimes what you buy may not work as you imagined so adjust and make changes until it makes you happy with what you’ve done. You should also compare the cost difference of building your set rather than buying. It’s important to think about how much time building will take because when owning your own business, time is money.

Big Apple Portraits Holiday Sets

Set Pieces

A set can consist from a few pieces to many for a holiday photo shoot.  We buy props and different set pieces to keep everything diverse. During the holidays, we have basic sets to some that are quite complex. Sometimes we mix and match different props if we think it works better during shoots.

In winter, we bring out our real bearded Santa. He can be involved in any set with any props including: playing with Christmas lights to faux milk and real cookies (against any backdrop with carpet, chair or sled). We’ve also added a new prop for this year—a bag of coal and a red backdrop.

While deciding your holiday sets, make sure the contrast looks the way you would like and keep in mind of the lighting.

If you’re interested in booking a holiday session with Big Apple Portraits, reach out by giving us a call at (212) 600-4457 or by booking here.

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