In the blink of an eye, Chicks and Bunnies are happening this Thursday! While the recent change in weather has us a little bummed from last week’s 70-degree plus weather, we are excited to get this spring show on the road.

Along with the addition of new bunnies, we have a couple of new props in the studio for Chicks and Bunnies. Take a look below to see our new props:

We’ve added a whole bunch of new fun poofs.  We use these in a variety of sets for boys and girls.




We’ve also added a new grey bucket that will make the little yellow chicks pop in comparison.  Kids in yellow will look great in the bucket too.




We decided to retire our tractor from the last few years, and upgraded with two brand new ones.  We’re really excited to use the new red one.



We have also added a bunch of new banners, some cute wood stumps, a little white flower box, and of course the cute new bunnies.



Don’t worry though, many of our props from the last few years will still be returning.  We will still have the big and little red wagons, the white wheelbarrow, the red tricycle, the little kid size chairs, and the baskets. Of course, there will definitely be carrots to feed the bunnies.

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