Mini Sessions with Dad

Dad, Daddy, Dada, Father, Papa, or Old Man, no matter what you or the kids call him, he is an important part of your life and theirs. Those memories with him should be captured as often as possible.

This Sunday, June 18th, we are offering special 10 minute mini sessions with dad.  It’s a fun opportunity to take a quick 10 minutes out of Dad’s special day and take some photos of with him or for him.  This is something great for kids of all ages!  Our packages start at just $135

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Father's Day Mini Sessions


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Think dad needs more time in the studio with the kids?  Don’t worry, we are offering 30 minute no fee sessions all week long to capture that special time with dad, for dad, or dressed up in dad’s clothes!

Updated Prop List: See what props we use

Introducing Eden

We recently did a radio interview with host Michelle, who was expecting a newborn of her own.  We had a chance to talk about what happens during our newborn sessions and how much time really goes into these sessions.  You can hear the full interview here (starting at 12 minutes)

Her and her husband came back to the studio for a first hand experience.  We were delighted to see such a cute baby with a full head of hair.  We wish them the best of luck with their newest addition to their family.

Introducing Eden.

Introducing Dash

We first met Heather, Michael, & Chael, last year during our Chicks & Bunnies sessions. We immediately fell in love with Chael’s amazing hair and sweet nature with the animals.  When they decided to come in here for newborn photos, we were thrilled. We also found out that the baby would be their rainbow baby. It made this experience so much more special for us and them. Chael was also very excited for “his baby” and he still had his sweet nature with his new little brother.

Introducing Dash.


Baby Chicks & Bunnies 2017


Our Baby Chicks and Bunnies Sessions begin in just 2 short months and we can’t wait.  These sessions are always the best, with huge smiles, tons of cute fuzzy animals, fun spring props, and the most amazing photos. Be sure to take a look at some of our tips for a great session!


Introducing Harrison

During our holiday season, while we see tons of babies, kids, and families, we do not get a lot of newborns in for photos. A lot of that has to do with the craziness of the season and the temperature outside. We had two moms make it into the studio with their new son. He is such a miracle to them, as he was born premature. He didn’t even make it into the studio until he was a little over a month old (we normally only photograph babies under 14 days old)  These first time moms are so sweet and are going to do a wonderful job.

Introducing Harrison

Announcing our 2017 Event Calendar

Happy New Year!  We wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

We wanted to start out the new year super organized and prepared, so we are announcing our full calendar for the year.



Our Baby Chicks and Bunnies Sessions are already available to book!

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Send 2017 New Year Cheer With A New Year’s Card

Were you so busy you didn’t have time to send out holiday cards? Don’t worry, so were we!

We have a great solution.  Send New Year’s cards!  They are a great solution and you can still send out a beautiful photo of your family (or just the kids).  New Year’s cards are also a wonderful way to start a new tradition.  It also means don’t have to worry about coordinating everyone’s schedule and holiday shopping with a photo shoot.  Most people who send New Year’s cards (like Kim), send them anytime in the month of January (31 whole extra days for you to send a photo card!)

This year, if you purchase your New Year’s Cards with us, we will include the digital image of the photo used on the card.  Just make your purchase by January 15th.

Check out our fun, new designs below.


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