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After three-years of superstardom, we made the decision this year to retire Grey Ears from our Chicks & Bunnies sessions. Well, semi-retire. As I’ve talked about our backyard flock before and how we consider them a part of the family, the welfare of the animals we bring to the studio is incredibly important.

As Grey Ears was getting on in age, we knew it was time. As sad as we are to say goodbye to having her in the studio for photos, we know Grey Ears will enjoy living out her golden years at my mom’s farm in Pennsylvania (trust us, she’s in good hands). Grey Ears will be visiting the studio for the Chicks & Bunnies Sessions but won’t be taking any pics except for maybe a special appearance.

When we started Chicks & Bunnies five years ago, we didn’t know just how popular this event would be (we added bunnies in our third year). But we are incredibly happy that Grey Ears—who loved to cuddle, pose, and didn’t mind being picked up—was our first bunny who kicked off this tradition.

See Grey Ears in action in our video from last year below.

New Bunnies

For those who are wondering who’ll replace Grey Ears, I’ve found our next lovable staffers. We decided that this year we’ll be adding Mini Lops. If you don’t know what a Mini Lop is, they are incredibly cute (like as in ohmygoshsocute). They are the smallest non-dwarfed lop and are known for its friendly and playful personality. We’d advise you to try not to get too sucked in by all the adorable photos of Mini Lops, but if you do, we don’t blame you.

NYC Photographer Spring & Easter Sessions

P.S. Here’s an update of our chickens as well. See how quickly they’ve grown in a year!

NYC Photographer Spring & Easter Sessions



If you haven’t booked your Chicks & Bunnies session yet, grab your spot now below.


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