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Baby Chicks & Bunnies 2017

  Our Baby Chicks and Bunnies Sessions begin in just 2 short months and we can't wait.  These sessions are always the best, with huge smiles, tons of cute fuzzy animals, fun spring props, and the most amazing photos. Be sure to take a look at some of our tips for a great session!   FAQ About Our Chicks & Bunnies Sessions What To Wear For Chicks & Bunnies 5 Tips For Taking Photos With Live Animals Where Do Our Animals Go After Our Chicks & Bunnies [...]

Behind the Scenes: I Finally Hatched a Chick!

I Am Officially a Chicken Hatcher! After being 0-90 for three years, I can now update that number to 1-108. What am I talking about? Last year, I declared myself the worst chicken hatcher ever. For three years, my family and I have tried numerous times to hatch the chicks ourselves for our Chicks & Bunnies sessions (I tried absolutely everything to get a chick to hatch). And after coming up zero in the past, I can finally declare that the egg hatching drought is over. The first three years, I easily [...]

Spring Photography: Catch Our Latest Chicks & Bunnies Gallery

See Our Most Recent Spring Photography These past two weeks has been a whirlwind! We're currently in the middle of hosting Chicks & Bunnies Sessions, our annual spring photography tradition and only have two more weeks left (we still have spots open) before we're done for 2016. See our gallery of photos below to catch all the fun.