Tips to prepare for your visit with Santa:

  1. Trust the professionals: Our Santa is a pro and has been taking pictures with kids for years! Trust Santa to bring out the smiles. Don’t stress about it beforehand, your child will sense you and be scared of Santa.

2. Read Santa books: If your little one has stranger anxiety, start reading Santa books a few days before the visit. Build up the excitement and get your little one used to the Big Man in Red.

3. Prevent the figits: Don’t dress you kids in something uncomfortable. While a cute outfit makes the picture, you don’t want it to stop the smiles. Find a mix of adorable and comfortable.

4. Set the stage with positivity: Try not to say “Don’t be afraid” or “Santa is not going to hurt you”. Again, let Santa do the warm up work. Private sessions mean we have time. This is not a cattle call for Santa. Santa will work with your child to eliminate the fear.

5. Embrace the tears! There will be many years of Santa visits when your child is overjoyed at meeting him. If your child is little and starts to cry – enjoy it. The most remembered visits are the photos with the giant scream. If it is you this year, enjoy…. it will most likely only be once.

Book a Session with Santa

Santa Sessions at Big Apple Portraits offer a unique Santa experience. We realize it’s much more fun to play with Santa then to just sit on his lap. Our mini sessions begin November 16th. By appointment only. No waiting in line. Click here to view out Santa session gallery.

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