back to school photos

Now that it’s inching toward the end of August, the kids have all started to head back to school. And with the new school year comes the new school photo.

We’ve all experienced that picture day in our by-gone school days—the awkward poses, the bad hair (with a ton of hairspray that was just awful), those crazy backgrounds with lasers, fake nature scenes, or those colored-backgrounds that had acid wash textures (Or was it that? Who knows!), and the list can go on.

While it may be a tradition, we can all agree that we would prefer to just have great photos from the start.

back to school photos


Here’s 5 reasons why our Back to School sessions are so much more fun for the kids:

  1. We we will not make your child pose awkwardly. Just google ‘school portrait’ and you’ll get lost going down the internet rabbit hole of awkward school photos. We’ll go with what looks natural and won’t force a pose that’s just not working.
  2. Our background and props are very simple. No crazy patterns, fake nature backgrounds, or that weird ladder leaning against a fake bookshelf. Our props are hard cover books, an apple and a paper airplane. We also welcome people to bring their own props if they want to. Not a paper plane type of person? No problem!
  3. You’ll have more than one photo to choose from. Do you remember dreading getting your school proofs and seeing that yes, the camera did catch you in mid-blink? Or your hair was sticking up all over the place? Your child will have more than just one or two takes, they’ll have at least 20 shots at minimum that you can choose which photos you like best.
  4. You’ll have more than enough time. Our 30-minute session allows your child ample time to be photographed with different backgrounds, and different changes of clothes if they’d like more than one look. Have an extracurricular activity or sport that your child is a part of? Bring in their clarinet, cello, skateboard, baseball glove or whatever they love to do in their spare time! We’re happy to accommodate.
  5. We’ll have fun. We’ll make sure to have sweet photos of the happy student, but we’ll also give them the opportunity to have fun and be silly. Kids are naturally creative and full of energy. Why not let that show in their school portrait?

back to school photos

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