Our cake smash sessions are quite the event. There is so much that happens in such a short amount of time, starting with some photos in the 1st birthday outfit, to adorable sets with the cake, and ending with letting them go for the cake. From the cute outfits to the final smash of the cake, here are our favorite things of a cake smash.


  1. The Cake – Everyone’s first birthday is special, and coordinating outfits and backdrops and most importantly the cake to smash is such a fun part of the cake smash session. Many bakeries in NYC provide unique and beautiful cakes. There are also many talented parents who can bake and decorate themselves. Our favorite cakes are those both, adorable and affordable. Your child will only eat a small portion of a 5″ or 6″ cake so it’s not worth spending $100 on just the cake. Whole Foods will actually customize a cake without charge and the cakes are a little less sweet than some of the bakeries that use sugary buttercream. We also recommend leaving cakes out of the refrigerator for at least a few hours before the session so the icing smears easily. Whichever cake you decide, make sure to match the outfit and we will certainly use our large stash to make sure it matches the backdrops and props. 

  2. The Mess – The point of a cake smash session is the SMASH. That means cake on the face and in their hair and on their legs. The messier the better. The first taste of sugar can bring out all kinds of reactions, and our favorite is the dive toward the cake that makes the biggest mess. Frosting gets everywhere and your one year old becomes completely covered. Getting that messy is only cute at one. When we first started doing cake smash sessions my 3 year old daughter wanted to shove cake in her face like the little babies. While I think she is adorable, the session was a miss. It only really works at one.

  3. The Outfits – With the popularity of cake smashes increasing, there are now so many cute outfit options to choose from for both boys and girls. It’s no longer the diaper cover and tutu. There are adorable onesies with gold ones on the front. Or vintage boy outfits with caps and bow ties. Etsy has plenty of ideas to use for combinations of accessories and outfits at reasonable prices normally made by small businesses like us!

  4. The Props – We are constantly trying to be more creative with sets and props for cake smash sessions. We started doing these sessions with just a kid and a cupcake. Our standard Cake Smash sessions have general use of all our props, banners, and backgrounds. Check out our Pinterest page to “pin” which props you are interested for your session. We also offer special stylized cake smash sessions which involves a consultation and custom prop purchases.

  5. The Photos – First birthdays are marked by parties, toys, and lots of kisses. The cake smash session is a special way to commemorate turning one. That first year was full of changes. Crawling, babbling, doubling in size. Create beautiful and FUN art for your walls or your child’s room that shows the fun they had in such a unique way. Our popular wall collages let you enjoy the first birthday moment for years to come.

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